ExpoWorld Trade Show management

Quality fabrication and authentic customer services form the backbone of ExpoWorld. We bring our unexpected design approach to each and every one of our projects as we work with our clients every single step of the way.

Quality booth design matches your marketing and communication plans. We consider your needs and budget and design the perfect booth for you. A booth that reaches your audience and truly represents your company at trade shows. A unique concept that perfectly fits your industry’s domain. A concept that enables you to reach your goals. That’s a comforting thought.

Our international expertise in delivering cost effective exhibit solutions globally are beyond compare. With succesful projects in more than 10 countries and more still to come, we have a comprehensive understanding of the different distinctions of design and execution capabilities around the world. You will not only have an appropriate presence at your show, you will also stand out as top level brand.

Stand out from the rest. That’s the EpoWorld way. Innovation and unique designs: that’s where it all begins. ExpoWorld visualizes ideas from the initial designing stage. It’s one of our unique selling points. No messy presentations, but spectacular 3D digital artist impressions. We focus on every aspect of your presentation, nothing is trivial to us. How will your products be positioned? And what about communication with visitors? Where and how? We can answer all these questions for you immediately. ExpoWorld guarantees clear communication and a product that stands out from the rest.